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Bejeweled Legend

  • Produced by Electronic Arts Inc
  • Reviewed January 12, 2014


Play the world-famous Bejeweled in an all-new adventure!

Played worldwide over 500 million times, PopCap’s flagship Bejeweled game has entertained players the world over. Now, an all-new, purpose-built Bejeweled game has come to Japan, smartphone, and the GREE platform!

Bejeweled is a simple match-3 game that anyone can play. Bejeweled Legend bumps up the amazing with a franchise-first, all-new story, characters, and world. Use Treasures and Items to get an edge in the weekly rankings! Explore the mysteries of the sea! Compete with your friends and rivals! Become a Legend!

Onward! The Seven Jewels of the Seven seas await your adventure!

· World-famous Bejeweled Gameplay – match three gems of the same color and they disappear, earning you points! Match as fast as you can!
· Power of the Jewels - Not only can you harness in-game items like flame gems, thunder gems, hypercubes, and multipliers – seek out and use the power of the Seven Jewels for even more awesome effects!
· Seek adventure on the Seven Seas - Explore, complete heroic missions and battle fierce bosses across a landscape of legend!
· Team up and face powerful bosses – huge, mythic creatures roam the 7 seas; you’ll need friends to take them on! Earn bonus powers like additional item slots or covering fire by teaming up to take down bosses!
· All-new, from the ground up – New characters, effects, music, and more, all made exclusively for Bejeweled Legend! Play with the sound on for a transporting experience!
· Rankings – prove your worth on team- and game-wide leaderboards, reset weekly
· Events – There’s always something going on in Bejeweled Legend! Whether it’s the weekly ranking competition or limited-time-only secret missions, come back regularly and don’t miss a thing!

Important Information
· This application is currently only for release in the Japanese Google Play Store
· This game requires an internet connection to play; please play in an area with Wi-Fi or cellular reception
· This application requires a GREE account to play

In-app item and GREE Coins
Bejeweled Legend is a free-to-play game.; however, certain items are sold in-game in exchange for “GREE Coins”, which must be purchased through GREE.

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