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Pool Break Lite

  • Produced by Kinetic Bytes
  • Reviewed February 20, 2014


We are no longer providing 15-day trial with full functionality due a lot of users misusing this to extend their trial indefinitely. This was causing dissatisfaction among users who paid for the full version.

So we decided replace the demo-trial model with just a Lite version. However we did enable Droid playability for all games in this Lite version that are not locked. Also, for 8-ball Pool we have permanently enabled online playability and text chat. These used to be disabled in the original Demo-Lite scheme.

This is NOT a tactic to entice you into buying the pro version but rather to help reduce dissatisfaction among paid version users.

Pool, Snooker, Billiards, Carrom & Crokinole in full 3D. Play online against other Android, iPhone or iPad users.
Also includes online text Chat.

*** Please Note: ***
Online playability in Pool Break Lite is limited to Pool 8-Ball US game only. Also certain game type like Straight Pool, UK 8-Ball, Carom Billiards and One Pocket are disabled in this Lite version.

To be able to play all game types and table shapes as well as for full online playability, grab the paid version Pool Break Pro.

Play pool online, against computer or pass-n-play.

Pool Break Lite Includes:
US 8 Ball Pool
9 Ball Pool
Pool Drill
Place-n-Shoot Pool
Regular Snooker
Regular Carrom

Enjoy realistic Pool physics and 3D graphics. Many customizations available.

For more screenshots, visit

Pool Break includes an optional freeze workaround that may fix freezing on certain phones. This option may be disabled via Pool Break's Settings.

Pool Break Lite includes Online Text Chat which is available in 8-Ball US online game. This can be configured within Pool Break's Settings sections. Chat maybe enabled for all games. Or it may be entirely disabled or restricted to Private games.

Please note: Pool Breaks' online mode requires wi-fi or data plan to connect to the game server. Chat functionality also requires the same type of connectivity.

Thank you all for your comments, feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism that have greatly helped shape and polish this game over time. Thank you to all the reviewers that have posted spontaneous reviews on various websites.

Recent changes:
Improved AI gameplay
Pan mode and FOV settings
Some scoring issues fixed
Improved game stats

Content rating: Medium Maturity

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